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The 4 Best Super Bowl Commercials of 2013

By the end of Super Bowl XLVII, we had a comeback attempt from the 49ers, an eventual win from the Ravens, a midgame blackout and some pretty forgetful ads. Usually my favorite part of Super Bowl Sunday, there were only a few commercials that stuck with me by Monday. Here are my four favorites:

I’m sure some might gripe about the sentimental, heart-tugging tone of this commercial, but I don’t care. It’s everything I want from a Super Bowl spot: emotional, nostalgic, and feel-good. The Budweiser Clydesdales are synonymous with the Super Bowl and there’s something comforting about seeing them each year. It’s the commercial that most stayed with me through the next day, even if they might have swiped the story from the “Christian the Lion” YouTube video.

Miracle Stain
Tide hit it out of the park with a funny, creative concept that was executed brilliantly. You could immediately tell what product was going to be advertised and the commercial was directly related to the Super Bowl game with a great punch line at the end.

Even though this was one of the first ads of the night and had already aired during the Olympics, it was one that stood out to me. Consistent with Coke’s branding of positivity and happiness, it was the perfect mix of imagery and copywriting working together. Plus, good music never hurts a commercial.

Goat 4 Sale
Doritos has created a user-generated campaign that seems to be working for them each year. Nothing ground-breaking about their funny ads, but they are always consistent for a good laugh. The Goat 4 Sale was my favorite of the night’s Doritos ads and managed to show the product in nearly every scene.

Next year, I hope to see brands and agencies showing some true creativity and inspiration. Challenge your audience and consumers with originality and imagination; you might be surprised by the results.

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