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Things Just Got Pinteresting

Pinterest is getting more serious about shopping with custom sales alerts. Although it was announced in August, Pinterest is rolling out one of its newest features just in time for holiday shopping. You will now be notified when products you’ve pinned go on sale through an aggregated email.  I have to say, getting my first alert today was an exciting surprise and did result in a purchase. With more and more people using Pinterest as a virtual Christmas list, the integration with retailers seems an obvious fit.

Including prices on pins has always been an effective marketing strategy for e-commerce companies, but this new feature could drive even more sales.. According to a study by Shopify that was released before this new feature came out, pins with prices on them already get 36% more likes than the average pin and people referred from Pinterest are 10% more likely to buy the product . A major problem retailers have seen with Pinterest in the past is people pinning a ton of products, but few taking the next step to purchase. This could be attributed to the fact that pins are often used as a “Pinterest dream board”.  The sale alerts should likely help to motivate people to buy at the discounted price.

This new feature is also really exciting from an email marketing perspective. These new price alerts are basically a targeted, personalized email send to your most engaged Pinterest users who have already shown an interest in your product.

Despite the fact that its target demo (women in the U.S.) controls 85% of consumer purchases, many critics believed that there wasn’t a business case for Pinterest. Moves like this, and their recent $200 million investment, might start to change that perception.