USNWC AllSport Pass

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The U.S. National Whitewater Center (USNWC) is the world’s premier outdoor adventure and environmental education center. With past pricing struggles, the Center created a new all-inclusive pass that they hoped would increase visitors and simplify the ticketing process. They needed help branding this pass and rolling it out to the market.

Immediately understanding the value of an all-inclusive pass, Media Bonsai worked to simplify the concept with clean design and a branding message that explains the new pass structure. The AllSport Passes were created and the tagline Play All Day was launched. This branding and messaging was used in print, literature, web, social and video.

There was an immediate market understanding of the AllSport Pass and it is now the most popular way to experience the USNWC. The AllSport Pass increased visitors and profit with an immediate 15 percent increase from the year before.